Park United Methodist Church





Park United Methodist Church

 Week of Week of January 15, 2017


Please pray for the needs of our mission field and our world.

For the Kenmore Community especially faculty and students at KHS.

For those suffering due to violence:  Turkey, Florida, Israel, Syria.

For the homeless – especially in these cold months.

For those on the AA Journey – strength and healing.

For those in the mission field.

That we will honor the blessing of democracy by our reasoned and respectful discussion of social and political issues.


Senior of the Week:  Frances Bryant, 2265 S. Hawkins Ave, Akron, OH 44314.


New for 2017…

Our food closet is hungry!  Each week we will be asking for a food item to add to our emergency food closet.  Please consider purchasing these food items this week as you shop:




There will be a basket at the back of the sanctuary for you to put the food donations.  If you would prefer to donate cash and let us do the shopping, place your donation in the offering plate and designate it for food closet.


NEEDED: Items our non-food essentials closet:  toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste/toothbrushes.




Noisy Offering (coins and paper money collected by the children the first Sunday of each month for a specific ministry)



~Local mission trip---The Kenmore Free Store—trips available every Tuesday (4PM-7PM) and every Saturday (9AM-12noon) unless there is a holiday.  Since our joining Facebook we have had a tremendous increase in new customers and in donations. THANK YOU, JESUS.  However, this means a tremendous increase in need for volunteers to help register new customers, to sort bags, to hang clothing, and to carry things from upstairs to the store.  If you can volunteer for only a few hours, that is fine!!

~February 9th—Dining to Donate at Chapel Hill Applebee’s. The proceeds will be used for the West Africa Clinic.  Flyers and information to follow in January.

~February 19—mission committee meeting following church

~March 19th Chili Cook-off after church.  Save the date.   More information to follow in February.



SCHEDULE FOR January 15 – January 22


TODAY- after church Finance Committee meeting

Mon-     5:30 PM GED

Tues-    1:00 PM Companions in Christ

            4:30 PM Kenmore Freestore

            6:30 PM Youth meeting

Wed-    9:30 AM Bible study

            6:30 PM Bible study

Thurs-   7:30 PM Choir Practice

Sat-      9:00 AM Kenmore Freestore

Sun-     9:30 AM Sunday School

           10:30 AM Worship Service



Looking Ahead

January 29 – Youth Ministries meeting, after worship

February 5 – Scout Sunday