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Park United Methodist Church

 Week of Week of May 28, 2017



 Our Mission, Our Calling!
Gifted by our Creator, we at Park United Methodist Church follow the way of Jesus as led by the Holy Spirit; as a community of faith and love, our mission is to make and mature disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.

Please pray for the needs of our mission field and our world.

For the Kenmore Community

For all first responders when aid is needed
For those in the mission field

For those facing mass starvation in the South Sudan – may the world hear the cries of God’s children

For all people, may they come to know, love and serve God

Those whose lives were affected by the terrorist killings in London

For the 200 Iraqi civilians in Mosul killed by air strikes – after having been told to stay in their homes

For our brothers and sisters in Columbia who are suffering from the terrible mudslide

For the Syrian victims of the chemical weapons




All are welcome to “Drop In” Bible study!  Come when you can for lively spirit led conversation as we engage with God’s word in the Gospel of Luke.  Join us each Sunday at 9:30am in Pastor Pam’s office.



If you or a loved one suffers from the disease of addiction, Rev. Pamela will pray with you, listen to you, and share information about community resources. Contact the church office and just ask to meet with the 




Senior of the Week:   Libby Nicol, 1933 17th St. SW, Akron, OH 44314.


Each week we will be asking for a food item to add to our emergency food closet.  Please consider purchasing these food items this week as you shop: 

Spaghetti sauce, Pasta, Ramen noodles

There will be a basket at the back of the sanctuary for you to put the food donations.  If you would prefer to donate cash and let us do the shopping, place your donation in the offering plate and designate it for food closet.





Noisy Offering--(coins and paper monies collected by the children the first Sunday of each month for a specific ministry) June’s offering will assist the Joy Center in Nancy Maurer’s ministry in Big Creek, Kentucky.


100th Anniversary shirts are still available—order blanks are available in church office.  Need 2 more orders for t-shirt before I can send in the next order.   Some would like polo shirts—I need 10 more orders! Thank you for your support.  Monies from these shirt sales will go to the West Africa Clinic.


Mission trip to the Joy Center, Big Creek, Kentucky—postponed.

Persecuted Christians— Source: Prayercast   We are bombarded almost daily with news of barbaric acts of terrorism. But if all we know about Islam is what we see on the news, we are missing an incredible story:


~The greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history is happening now.

~Everywhere Islam exists, people are being drawn to Jesus Christ.

~This is happening in direct correlation to increased movements of prayer.


God is MOVING, and he’s inviting you to join him.  Now is the time to PRAY because Jesus loves and died to save every one of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.



May is “National Military Appreciation Month.”  We are grateful for the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces.  We hope you support them in prayer. During the month of May, we will have the opportunity to donate to the Guideposts Foundation. Their Military Outreach distributes inspirational publications to our servicemen and women stationed at military bases around the world. Your donation will help cover the cost of these publications. You may make a donation of any amount and put it in the offering. Please mark your envelope so we know it is for Guideposts. Thank you.

The Outreach Committee


NEEDED:  Pastor Pam is in need of good, sturdy boxes as she prepares to move to a home in the next couple months.  Boxes can be brought to the church office.  Thank you.





I have never been good at using coupons.  I cut them out but never seem to have them with me when I'm shopping. Or I don't think of them until they have expired. But my neighbor has agreed to help me make the most out of the coupons available.  I want to purchase items for our Necessities cupboard here at Park and maybe for personal items for the Free Store. I'm told that if you have the coupons, watch the store ads and go where coupons can be doubled, you can get many items free or for minimal cost.

I was wondering if any of you might want to join me in this effort?  Even if you can't help with the savvy shopping, you could help out by saving the coupons that come in the Sunday newspaper, or even better by cutting them out for us.  I will put a box on the counter in the back coatroom.  Please contact me if you are available to shop.  We need things such as toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, dish soap, feminine hygiene items, toothpaste... none of which can be purchased with the Ohio Direction card but are definitely needed.  Thanks in advance for your help in this new project.  I hope to hear from many of you willing to shop.


Cathy Schwall    330-896-0119

Outreach Ministry  



SCHEDULE FOR   May 28 -  June 4


Mon-     Memorial Day - Office Closed

Tues-    1:00 PM Companions in Christ

            4:30 PM Kenmore Freestore

Wed-    9:30 AM Bible study

           5:30 PM GED

           6:30 PM Bible Study

Thurs-   7:30 PM Choir Practice

Sat-      9:00 AM GardenSoxx Delivery

Sun-     9:30 AM Sunday School

           10:30 AM Sunday Worship


Looking Ahead

June 11-15 – Annual Conference

June 19-22 – Vacation Bible School, 6:00-8:30PM



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