Park United Methodist Church
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 Week of September 21,  2014

Senior of the Week:  Betty Marshall, 18592 Edwards Road, #13, Doylestown, OH 44230

There will be a Nominations Committee meeting on Thursday, September 25 at 7:00pm.  Administrative Board approved the Accountable Leadership Model for Park Church.  The Nominating Committee will be selecting 12 individuals to serve on the Leadership Team.  Please come with ideas and suggestions.   Nominating Committee Members:  Kelly Futrell, Erica Valentine, Jim Canning, Lynette Wamsley, Doug Schwall, Lynn Fritz, Lois Baer, Bob Fritz, Kathy Young

Colin Nicholson is going to Russia with Pastor Mike, January 31 February 13.  He is in need of people who are willing to send him.  Would you be willing to make a pledge to his support?  He has to raise a little over $3300 to cover his flight, room and board and ministry costs to Russia for a two week mission.  Pledges need paid by November 1.  Pledge forms can be picked up in the church office.


SCHEDULE FOR September 21 September 28

TODAY Send Off Luncheon for Nancy Maurer

Mon-     5:30 PM GED

            7:00 PM Worship Committee meeting

Tues-    1:00 PM Companions in Christ    

            7:00 PM Getting Ahead class

            7:00 PM SPR Committee meeting

Wed-    9:30 AM Bible Study

            5:30 PM GED

            6:30 PM Bible Study

Thurs- 10:00 AM Discipleship Training

            6:30 PM Discipleship Training

            7:00 PM Nominations Committee meeting

            7:30 PM Choir Practice

Sat-     12:00 PM SPR Committee meeting, meet with DS

                        @ Akron First UMC

Sun-     9:30 AM Sunday School           

            9:30 AM Discipleship Training, 2nd Floor Meeting Room

           10:30 AM Worship Service



October 12 Fall Family Festival

November 1 Fall/Christmas Bazaar, 10AM-2PM