Park United Methodist Church





Park United Methodist Church

 Week of Week of May 22, 2016

Please take a moment to view our video - Ministry Presence


Senior of the Week:  Ruby Greig, Windsor House at Doylestown, 95 Black Drive, #20, Doylestown, OH 44230.


Missions- every believer’s calling

Upcoming mission opportunities that need your support:


  • The fund raising for the West Africa Clinic, a vision of Onias and Diana Mabgwe.  Each brick costs 25 Cents.  You will have an opportunity to give to this much needed clinic by designating your donation on your offering envelope in the area marked SPECIAL.
  • June noisy offering—Zoe empowerment Program calendar
  • June 19th—Father’s Day—Another opportunity to give in honor or in memory of your father a gift to the Zoe Empowerment Program. 

After a little over a year in ZOE's empowerment program, the children of your working groups are beginning to learn what they are capable of achieving. They are realizing that with hard work and perseverance they can make long lasting improvements to their lives.  They are developing self confidence, pride in what they have accomplished, and hope for the future.  All because you were willing to trust them and provide initial resources, training, and prayerful support.


 SCHEDULE FOR May 29 – June 5



Tues-    1:00 PM Companions in Christ

                4:30 PM  Free Store

Wed-      9:30 AM Bible Study

                5:30 PM GED

                6:30 PM Bible Study

Thurs-    7:30 PM Choir Practice

Sat-         9:30 AM Free Store

                5:30 PM Dinner roast for the Somervilles

Sun-       9:30 AM Sunday School   

                Ministry Celebration


Looking Ahead


June 12: Graduation Sunday

June 19: Father's Day and Transitional Service with Pastor Pam Buzalka

June 26:  Farewell service with the Somerville's