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Park United Methodist Church

 Week of Week of February 26, 2017

Please pray for the needs of our mission field and our world.

  • For the Kenmore Community
  • For those suffering from chronic/terminal illness
  • For all those in military service and their families and those suffering from the wounds of war
  • For those in the mission field
  • For those facing mass starvation in the South Sudan – may the world hear the cries of God’s children
  • For those addicted to drugs and their families and friends



 Our Mission, Our Calling!
Gifted by our Creator, we at Park United Methodist Church follow the way of Jesus as led by the Holy Spirit; as a community of faith and love, our mission is to make and mature disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.


Senior of the Week:  Harry Gromley, 3048 Littledale Road, Akron, OH 44319.




Noisy Offering--(coins and paper monies collected by the children the first Sunday of each month for a specific ministry)


March—Bibles for the Pastor—monies used to provide Bibles that given to those who have none or need a different version for understanding

April—Community Meal—monies used to offset the cost of providing a meal to be enjoyed by the community of Kenmore and Park Church.  This meal is at no cost to those who wish to come to enjoy meeting our neighbors and to enjoy fellowship.


Dining to Donate at Applebee’s at Chapel Hill--$103.13 was donated for the West Africa Clinic in Zimbabwe


March 19th—Chili Cook-off after church in the fellowship hall.  A freewill offering will provide you with 5 tickets to vote for the chili of your choice.  If more tickets are needed to tip the voting in favor of your chef, they can be purchased for 20cents each (5 for a dollar).  Please stay, support the chefs, support the West Africa Clinic.

Mission tripsJoy Center in Kentucky, leaving after church on June 4 and returning on the following Friday, June 9. Cost $150 each, this includes travel, meals and lodging.  We will be assisting Nancy Maurer in her ministry in Big Creek, Kentucky.  See Mary Ann Gesaman (330-606-2878) if you are interested.



Rev. Pamela’s Winter Office Hours:


Monday – 10am – 2pm

Wednesday – 9am – 2pm

Thursday – 10:30am – 2:25pm   *or by appointment       


She can also be reached by:

Cell phone:  216-704-0307

Email address:


We are here for each other with Christ.





Each week we will be asking for a food item to add to our emergency food closet.  Please consider purchasing these food items this week as you shop: 


Pasta sauce

Canned vegetables

There will be a basket at the back of the sanctuary for you to put the food donations.  If you would prefer to donate cash and let us do the shopping, place your donation in the offering plate and designate it for food closet.



SCHEDULE FOR February 26  – March 5


Mon-     5:30 PM GED

Tues-    1:00 PM Companions in Christ

            4:30 PM Kenmore Freestore

            5:00 – 7:00 PM Café Kenmore Community Dinner

            7:00 PM Getting Ahead class

Wed-    9:30 AM Bible study

           5:30 PM GED

            7:00 PM Ash Wednesday Service

Thurs-   7:30 PM Choir Practice

Sat-      9:00 AM Kenmore Freestore

Sun-     9:30 AM Sunday School

           10:30 AM Worship Service


Looking Ahead

March 12 – Vision Team meeting, after church