Park United Methodist Church




Noisy Offering (coins and paper money collected by the children the first Sunday of each month for a specific ministry)


~JUNE—For SHINE—A Kenmore based ministry that involved teenaged students to rehab houses in the Kenmore area.  Volunteers are needed as will many types of food.  See Lynette Warmsley for more information.

~JULY- For the Free Store—a store where the people can receive clothing, toys and household supplies free. The Store is located at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and is open every Saturday from 9:30AM-12noon unless it is a holiday weekend.  A St. Paul’s shed is open at all times for collection of clothing at the same location.

~AUGUSTHaircuts are given free of charge to those who make appointments through the church office.  School supplies are also given to the children in preparation for the coming school year.



Need for relief supply kits is great!



Please bring any of these supplies and place in the box provided in the coat room by Sunday, June 14th.


For Cleaning Buckets:  5 gallon buckets with re-sealable lids (clean), scouring pads (not steel wool), sponges, scrub brushes, liquid laundry detergent (25 ounce or 50 ounce bottle), dish soap (16 or 28 ounce bottle), clothes line (2- 50 foot or one 100 foot), dust masks (disposable and sealed in a bag), work gloves (leather palm), 33-45 gallon heavy duty trash bags, aerosol or pump air freshener, 50 clothes pins


For health kits: hand towel, washcloth, large and sturdy—not pocket sized—comb, nail file ( NO emery boards or toenail clippers), bath size soap, toothbrush (single in original wrapper—NO child size), adhesive plastic strip sterile band aids


For layette kits: cloth diapers—prefolded or plan—NO DISPOSABLE), onesies, infant size washcloths, gowns or sleepers, diaper pins (must have protective plastic NEW items, do not wash as they will be considered used.) Remove all packaging.