Park United Methodist Church






Noisy Offering (coins and paper money collected by the children the first Sunday of each month for a specific ministry)


SEPTEMBER—Park Little Shepard Preschool is located here at Park Church, provides a Christian based preschool education to children ages three to five.  Monies collected will be used to assist in the new school year startup costs


OCTOBER—Necessity cupboard is available for those who need those items not covered by the Ohio Direction card, like toilet paper, laundry soap, shampoo, body and hand soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes and etc.





  • TEAMS for Medical Missions—arrives in Jamaica every 3 months—November, 2015, February, 2016 and etc.  Please see Susie Partridge if interested in being a part of this team that includes a medical, building and evangelistic branches on each trip.

  • ZOE Trip of HOPE in 2016—participants will visit with groups and individuals to see their small businesses, farms, fields and homes, will meet with children at different stages in the empowerment program and hear their stories, will reflect as a team about your experience and what each will do as a result when returning home.  Trips available include: Kenya: February 17-26, 2016, Rwanda: June 22-30, 2016, Zimbabwe: July 13-22, 2016    Please see Mary Ann Gesaman for more information, if interested.




Russian Mission Trip—Please see Pastor Mike Somerville if interested



 Missions Update from Nancy Maurer who is now working in the missions field at The Joy Center in Kentucky.



Hello Park Church Family and Friends!


            It has been quite a while since I have written to you; the first of the month seems to sneak right past me before I realize it is here again! The busy season is in full swing and my head is spinning daily with everything that is happening. Plans are made and changed daily as new ideas and opportunities arise. I want to tell ya’ll how good it was to be with you for Palm Sunday and the week I spent with you. It was so good to see everyone and catch up with happenings there. To those of you I was unable to visit with I am truly sorry we were not able to get together! There just were not enough hours in the day as time flew by so very quickly.


            Teams have been arriving here steadily and so much work has been accomplished already this year. The teams from Indiana have completed the new Team kitchen with custom made cupboards and large storage cupboards for Sunday School supplies, added three more showers for a total of four, two men’s and two women’s, and added a laundry area with brand new washer, dryer and utility sink. What a great addition to our Team Dorm and Sunday school area!


            It was so good to have the Park Church Mission team here in late April. Pastor Linda, Chris Beavers, Ann McDonald, Patti Partridge, Mary Ann Gessaman, Brian Bard and Ken Price what a hard working team! They dug weeds and planted flowers around The Joy Center and for Becky at the parsonage and made a beautiful flower garden outside my bedroom window that is so beautiful and growing well. Much better than my poor attempt at a garden! All my tomato plants that a friend planted for me were mowed down when the lawn got mowed recently. But the good news is that in August a large group of Boy Scouts are coming and will be putting in a terraced garden a behind the parsonage for Becky and I so we will be ready for next year!


            Patti hung pictures for me, rearranged my living room to make room for the most wonderful surprise of a beautiful new couch and chair that they found at the local thrift store. My living room is so cozy and inviting now and I have already had a number of visitors to enjoy it with me. Thank you all again so much! Brian stained and hung a new much needed cupboard in my kitchen. Ken, Brian and the ladies also cleaned out the jelly room (ask them about that!), and organized part of the barn and so much more in a short time! They fell in love with Little Bit and Tom a puppy and cat that had been our renters. Little Bit is now a Buckeye, she was adopted by James, one of the boys from the Midland UMC team from Northwest Ohio on the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan border, Tom is still with us and a couple of weeks ago Mama Dog who was here late last summer and Fall and presented us with seven puppies, returned out of the blue, she and what puppies were left disappeared last fall.


            Last week Chico (John Poe) and friends were here from Bardstown, KY doing our Bible school. What a blessing these 17 teens and 4 adults were! Each teen was assigned one of our children and they mentored them one on one all week. Watching them talk to the children about Jesus and salvation was just awesome and the kids loved the attention and love they received daily! They so need the love, attention and guidance. On Wednesday we had water day and set up a water slide on the hill down to the big field, oh the laughter and giggles that day and the tears when the team left.


Some of the changes that are coming; we will be having ECD (Early Childhood Development or the equivalent of Headstart) here starting in August. Our helping hands at home – community home repairs are getting a slow start, teams are not forthcoming as expected and we have five families waiting for help. And many other projects that I will have to save for a later letter.


            Please continue to pray for Becky as she continues to have some neurological and shoulder problems from the fall she took in early May when she was wrestling with the tread mill she was trying to move out to the store room by herself. Also Sue Nolan one of our members and a great volunteer is having heart problems that are still being evaluated. My low heart rate and low blood pressure are coming back under control by decreasing my medication. Senior Ray finally had his fingers amputated from being frost bitten in a fall in February and another church built the ramp for his house that we were trying to get a team to do. PLT!


            Finally I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers and financial support that has helped me with doctors co-pays, dental needs and gifts for TJC: purchasing food for the community lunch, Wednesday Bible study lunch, food pantry and two new tires for my car. I made too sharp a turn and ran over the sharp edge of a metal culvert pipe when I took Paula home last week from Bible study and sliced a rear tire. Her husband pulled the wheel off and Becky took me to town where Mr. Cush gave me a loner tire until the next day. When I took the car in to have a new tire put on, I needed two new tires on the front which I had already planned to replace and he gave me the loner tire for the back because it was in better shape than my front tires. He is a Christian and gave me a discount in addition to the free tire because I am a missionary. PTL!! God is so good!


So many things to tell you that are happening but will have to wait until next time.


God Bless ya’ll,


Love, Nancy


PS: Had a wonderful surprise visit from Doug and Cathy Schwall a few weeks ago also, it was so good to visit with them. Anyone coming through near our area, please stop and visit a spell, the latch string is always out and a light in the window!