Park United Methodist Church
 Spiritual Formation


Our Adventures in Cosmic City were an ASTRONOMICAL success this week at Vacation Bible School thanks to the time, efforts, and talents of so many here at Park Church.  THANK YOU to Pastor Mike and his Vision team, consisting of master rocket builders, Don Walker, Harold Reischman and Dean Partridge, for creating the BEST entry of transport to Cosmic City with the rocket and the planetary entrance. The kids (of all ages) loved traveling through the glow in the dark city each day and made the journey that much more fun.  THANK YOU to our Registration team of Pastor Linda, Nancy Maurer and Diane Gross who patiently signed up each child daily, and made sure they all had name tags even though the string was not always cooperative.  A thousand THANK YOUs to our Kitchen of Baers (Cindy, Lois, Dave) with Bob Fritz and their various assistants, including Steve Partridge and Greg Fritz, who created our menu and executed the magic of feeding all of our space travelers each night, including the parents on that last night, and made it flow so smoothly. Thank you to Brian Schwall for his work in the Wonder LAB bringing the mystery of Science alive for the kids who loved the experiments, even the ones that gave us problems.  Thank you to Kim Baer for her work and creativity creating our crafts each night and to Missie Sloan who tweaked and ran the games for all the Space Travelers who all had a great time, especially when they got to get wet.  Thank you Lori Salyer for bringing the music alive to our Space Travelers and to Leslie Schafer and her team of Story Tellers, including Astronaut Kenny Kesler, who worked to bring the word of God alive each night to the kids.  A GALAXY size THANK YOU to those who came each day to travel with the kids to the various stops in Cosmic City; Renee Krunich, Lori Bailey, Becky Gross, Sandy Watkins, and Lynn Fritz, who really got to know our travelers and had the biggest work out maneuvering all the travelers up and down the stairs and getting them to each station on time, without getting lost!  And a final THANK YOU to Skylar, Colin and the multitude of YOUTH who showed up each night to help out wherever they were needed and to the many, many, many donations of food and supplies that were made by everyone at Park Church.  Vacation Bible School is a project of the heart and without the hearts of so many, this adventure could not happen. SO THANK YOU from my heart and the hearts of the almost 70+ children we ministered to this week, Cosmic City would not be without you!



Lauren Presutti



Hello Friends! We are continuing to move forward in updating our children's programs, and things are going well! We love our children and want the best for them in every way. This month we will have new child safety measures in place. When you come to worship with your child, please follow these procedures:

Nursery both Services:

Take your child to the nursery at any time to check in, or you are welcome to stay with your child.

9:30 Service:

Take your child to the Sunday School room on the third floor before the service starts to check in.

10:30 Service:

Find a "Children's Welcome Team" member at either entrance to the sanctuary before the service starts to check in. As usual, your child will begin the service in the sanctuary with you until after the Children's Challenge. At that time they will be taken by age group to their Children's Church classes. (K-2nd and 3rd-6th grades. All children in the 7th grade or above will remain in the sanctuary.)

Check In:

When you check-in and fill out your child's nametag, you will be presented with a parent tag that has a unique number identifier for each child. This identifier changes every week and cannot be duplicated.  The parent tag is required when you pick up your child.  The teacher will match the parent tag number with the child's tag number to ensure that you are the responsible party to pick up the child.  We ask that no one under the age of 18 (even siblings) picks up children in the younger class (K-2nd grade) or the nursery. No child can be picked up without a parent tag.


We look forward to continue safely teaching the children of Park Church!



 NEEDED:  Volunteers for our Nursery on an “as needed” basis to give our regular nursery workers a break every now and then.  If interested, please see Mike Somerville.